What does project management mean to me – a Project Manager’s sermon

I have a friend

By Ugo Micoli

I have a friend, his name is P.M.

I call him like that, because Project Management is too long. In my address book I wrote “P.M.” and I know the meaning.

We met when I was very young, I don’t remember where. He was a sly and a well organized guy. On my part I was fascinated by how toys were functioning, and why.  Strangely enough, we made acquaintance but we did not know our names for long. We talked about serious topics such as history, different peoples and countries, how persons act, things for teenagers you know, we were smart students and we liked to read very much. But we liked fun, people, girls, sports, cars, airplanes and spacecrafts as well …

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The Blog rev. 2



On Sept. 24, 2013, this blog starts a process of restructuring to better integrate all channels Micoli Partners uses to share news and initiatives and connect Clients and followers in our community.

The process of alignement involves all our communication channels and web presence and will be completed in October. Previous posts will be removed. Only some reminders will be left.

We want to keep our minimalist design ethos, consistent with our vision of clear and essential contents, selected competence, premium results.

Light and simple. Focus on primary tasks.

We communicate the way we consult.

Welcome to new followers and previous friends.