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We are happy to announce a new partnership with EiMC (Philadelphia, USA) and DNTEC (Barcelona, Spain). We are confident that our final clients will have additional benefits.





ISO 21500. New course.

See Italia section (ITA only).

micolipartners.com changes something…


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The Blog rev. 2



On Sept. 24, 2013, this blog starts a process of restructuring to better integrate all channels Micoli Partners uses to share news and initiatives and connect Clients and followers in our community.

The process of alignement involves all our communication channels and web presence and will be completed in October. Previous posts will be removed. Only some reminders will be left.

We want to keep our minimalist design ethos, consistent with our vision of clear and essential contents, selected competence, premium results.

Light and simple. Focus on primary tasks.

We communicate the way we consult.

Welcome to new followers and previous friends.


Lettera 01. MP newsletter


Lettera 01 sent today to Micoli Partners’ Clients.

News about Micoli Partners activities regarding Top Management, Coaching, Project Management, Management Systems (including a brief reference to the sector Attrezzature per la Meccanica in Italy), Enterprise finance and startups.

MP-Club will be started 15/09/12. [Italy] MP-Club è un’idea innovativa di area Clienti, basata su spazi web gratuiti e assistiti per il co-design organizzativo, il tutoraggio di joint-ventures, la comunicazione e condivisione dei progetti.

[Italy] Chi volesse ricevere la newsletter, pur non essendo Cliente CMP, può richiederla alla Segreteria:  info@micolipartners.com