Project Management: the Italian Way



By Ugo Micoli

Project Management in Italy is related to the same structure of economy in this Country, obviously.

It is not so easy to understand and models from elsewhere may not be useful here.

We have world class player companies in almost every industry: aerospace, defense, construction, engineering, plants and architecture, mechanics and automotive, telecoms, energy, finance, food, tourism, transports, services and so on.

In this environment the state of project management is no different than any other highly industrialized countries. This means the discipline is strictly connected to production in technical based industries, while it is almost a fashion badge in many services, with all the nuances in between.

Then there are two very interesting specific elements.

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ISO 21500. New course.

See Italia section (ITA only).

Self-Sabotage, Part II: a conversation and nine suggestions.


By Ugo Micoli

I started a discussion in The Project Manager Network – #1 Group for Project Managers on LinkedIn.

I asked:

As a PM and a Leader, how do you manage Self-Sabotage in your Project Team members?

Here is a selection of the comments, keeping the central phrases as in the original messages. I think it can be of some interest for those who read my previous article on this subject. I close the article with nine tips I think may be useful.

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What is the top reason for unsuccessful Projects?


Image source: LinkedIn

Ugo Micoli

Some time ago, Babak Golparian, Project Management Consultant & Coach, posted this question in the PM Link Group on LinkedIn.

There were 242 votes in the poll.

You can notice Unclear Scope won for just one vote: it’s mine.

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Four tips to control self-sabotage


By Ugo Micoli


Self-sabotage is an obstacle we place between our goal and ourselves.

Sometimes, while we like to think and talk about how outer ciscumstances are making our effort difficult or impossible, a sincere glance at ourselves in front of a mirror could expose some simple facts: we do not want to win, and the goal, in general life or work, we are talking about to ourselves and other people in such enthusiastic way, is something we do not want to achieve.

Everything can help us in destroying our committment to results: distractions, disorganization, multitasking, “other priorities”. In such conditions, our real scope has become to fail.

Many may be the reasons but now the important thing is you have to stop that waste of time and risk soaring, immediately.

Here there are four simple tips you can use to eliminate self-sabotage.

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Follow up: Friendship with Project Management. Or is it just a job?


After publishing the article WHAT DOES PROJECT MANAGEMENT MEAN TO ME (, I opened a discussion about it on LinkedIn, in the Project Managers Network Group.

Many comments, that show how much things like passion and feelings are important in the work of a Project Manager and a leader.

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What does project management mean to me – a Project Manager’s sermon

I have a friend

By Ugo Micoli

I have a friend, his name is P.M.

I call him like that, because Project Management is too long. In my address book I wrote “P.M.” and I know the meaning.

We met when I was very young, I don’t remember where. He was a sly and a well organized guy. On my part I was fascinated by how toys were functioning, and why.  Strangely enough, we made acquaintance but we did not know our names for long. We talked about serious topics such as history, different peoples and countries, how persons act, things for teenagers you know, we were smart students and we liked to read very much. But we liked fun, people, girls, sports, cars, airplanes and spacecrafts as well …

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Lettera 01. MP newsletter


Lettera 01 sent today to Micoli Partners’ Clients.

News about Micoli Partners activities regarding Top Management, Coaching, Project Management, Management Systems (including a brief reference to the sector Attrezzature per la Meccanica in Italy), Enterprise finance and startups.

MP-Club will be started 15/09/12. [Italy] MP-Club è un’idea innovativa di area Clienti, basata su spazi web gratuiti e assistiti per il co-design organizzativo, il tutoraggio di joint-ventures, la comunicazione e condivisione dei progetti.

[Italy] Chi volesse ricevere la newsletter, pur non essendo Cliente CMP, può richiederla alla Segreteria: